2009 Georgia Fishing Regulations

The 2009 Georgia fishing regulations book is the first that we have produced for the state. We will soon be working on the re-design of their hunting regulations, as well.

There was not much time allowed for this project. I feel that the visual improvements to the layout, despite the copy-heaviness of the contents, have resulted in a much easier-to-read book. Below are some examples of pages for which I feel my re-design efforts made the most impact.

I pulled a single image from the original cover (left) to use as the focus of the new cover (right). The goal at my company is to develop regulations that blend well with other outdoor-themed magazines with which they may share shelf space. This was the focus of my re-design.

The new Contact Information page presented the same information in a cleaner way:

The Fish Consumption Advisory charts below represent my most significant contribution to the redesign of this book. There are four pages of these important advisories, and creating these new color-coded charts involved analysis and re-interpretation of the existing data:

I applied a clearer hierarchy and visual elements to the pages of Reciprocal State Agreements:

New styles were established for charts, and vibrant color images were introduced when possible:


Anonymous said...

Love your work...you have found your calling!

ErinM said...

Wow, thanks!

But do you mean I have found my calling as a graphic designer, or as a designer of fishing regulations? ; )

Grapple00 said...

Great work! What a wonderfully clear example of what a real graphic designer can do (and do well).

ErinM said...

I thank you so much, Grapple00!