2009 New Jersey Freshwater Digest

I've held my current design position since the middle of August, and am very excited that my first book is about to hit the shelves in New Jersey!

Picking up another designer's files (and making them your own) can be very challenging. Style sheets are so personal!

Most of my own individual style and (obsessive) attention to detail can be felt beyond the cover, and I really think that my designs and re-designs have improved the readability of this book. Readability seems particularly important when your job is to clearly convey the laws of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Below are some pages from the 2008 Digest along with my re-designs for the 2009 book.

A spread showing the original trout charts which lacked uniformity, introduced arbitrary colors that appeared to have meaning, and contained redundant information — very confusing:

I standardized the chart styles, and restructured the content of those same charts:

The original stocking program spread:

My revised version—having fun with the flying fish:

I wanted the "Take a Kid Fishing" page to feel more cohesive. The redesign is on the right:

A simple design element introduced into this new 1-page article brought the subject to the forefront:


Cami said...

I did not know that the Asian Swamp Eel was such a threat. I consider myself informed. I love your redesigns. How cool! Good work. :o)

Erin Murphy said...

Be afraid, my friend! (Of the eel...not my redesigns.)