Berkshire Writers Room Logo

In July 2006, the Berkshire Writers Room announced that they were looking for a (free) logo design. I thought a great deal about this project, although due to my upcoming wedding, I had very little free time. Though I realize there is a great amount of writing and art inspired by the Berkshires, none had such a strong visual representation to me as Herman Melville's Moby Dick. Melville found the shape of Mount Greylock, as seen from the view of his study at Arrowhead, to resemble the back of his famous whale emerging from the water.

In my logo design, I decided to use the specific contour of Mount Greylock as seen by Melville (gathered from photos), while also showing the result of his inspiration—the whale. It is my hope that this new logo will be reminiscent of Melville's inspired writing and Berkshire pride.

Unfortunately, they seem to have never made a decision and continue to lack a visual identity.

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